Price of food is getting cheaper

fresh fruit and veg

fresh fruit and vegFood is getting gradually cheaper as the supermarkets battle it out to offer the lowest prices.

Hoping to attract more customers with rock-bottom prices, the supermarket giants have been competing fiercely with each other.

Although the UK's food costs have risen quickly in comparison to some EU nations in recent weeks, the British Retail Consortium has found that food was 0.5% cheaper last month than in September.

This is great news for us parents, who can scarcely afford to pay any more. It's a big relief when you get to the supermarket till and realise you've spent less than you thought.

A reduced food bill can help in so many ways - it gives us more money to spend on other essentials, such as kids' school uniforms or basic toiletries. It also means we might be able to stash away a few pounds each month, as protection in case our circumstances change.

And when we're cursing inflation we can spare supermarkets the blame, as food inflation actually fell to 4.2% last month.

But as well as having a reduced supermarket bill, there are other savvy ways of making the most of your food when you get home.

Understanding best before and use by dates can prevent you throwing things out unnecessarily, as can reducing portion sizes.