Queen’s Speech to reveal ‘family friendly’ policies

happy family

happy familyMany of us hard-working parents will be pleased to hear that the Government's proposals in today's Queen's Speech will include a range of family-focused Bills.

The annual address hails the beginning of the Parliamentary year and is an opportunity for the Coalition Government to outline its plans for the coming session.

According to Downing Street officials, policies set to feature in the speech include flexible leave for parents as well as a faster system for the adoption process.

Measures designed to improve access arrangements for divorced dads and an improved support system for children with special needs are also due to be announced, it is believed.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister and his deputy, Nick Clegg, took the opportunity yesterday to argue that they must stick with their austerity plans to reduce the nation's debt amid calls from backbenchers to change course.

Ed Miliband, the Labour leader, has accused the Government of placing the interests of the wealthy above ordinary voters, despite weakening public confidence in politics, as suggested by a bad turnout at last week's local elections.

Check out this guide if you're keen to learn more about flexible working, which the Queen's Speech looks set to focus on.