Rail fares ‘eat into family budget’

Commuting costs

Commuting costsIf you take the train into work every day you'll already know how the costs can soon add up, and how expensive it is keeping your little ones in nursery while you're in the office.

But just how much of our take home pay is going on getting us into work and looking after our kids? Well, quite a bit, according to figures from the Campaign for Better Transport.

The research shows that families with two working parents and two children in nursery are spending more than a third (35%) of their monthly wages on rail fares and childcare.

However, for families living in London and the South East that average shoots up to 40%, compared to slightly more than a quarter for those outside the South East.

Alexandra Woodsworth, Campaign for Better Transport's public transport campaigner, said: "We now have both the highest rail fares in Europe and the highest childcare costs.

"With fares set to rise 28% over the next four years, these combined costs will become increasingly unbearable. For many families it means that work simply doesn't pay."

Campaign for Better Transport launched a national Fair Fares Now campaign earlier in the year. It calls on the Government to reverse its decision to raise fares 3% above inflation for the next three years and instead provide more affordable, straightforward tickets that provide good value for money and encourage people to choose the train.