Recession causing ‘why not?’ mentality


They say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and it seems that's the attitude many of us are taking amid the economic crisis.

While nobody can deny the recession has been tough, the majority of us are taking action and using it as a chance to re-evaluate our lives.

Whether it's rethinking what our perfect job actually is, or realising that family is the most important thing, 74% of us admit to looking at things in a new light.

That's according to a study by AXA anyway, which found that as a nation we're increasingly likely to ask ourselves 'why not?'

Why not take the leap? Why not get onto that course to better myself?

And as well as rethinking our lives, we're said to be feeling positive that we'll all come out the other side better off. In fact, 51% of us think the economic crisis will lead to a stronger society in the future.

So if you're feeling helpless, why not join the 85% of UK adults who have been prompted by the recession to take action in their lives where they would previously have sat back?

Nick Turner, head of customer partnerships at AXA UK, said: "We commissioned the report to understand the wave of change sweeping the UK as people respond to the impact of recent turbulent times.

"What we found is that 'Broken Britain' is beginning to mend itself.

"People are actively making changes to improve their own lives, and the communities around them, for the better. Optimistic, go-getting and keen to build a positive future, 'Why Not' people are turning the negative impact of the economic crisis on its head.

"Why Not is a powerful progressive force that is going to challenge obstructive, legacy-based thinking and help us reach the future we want and need."