Recession creating wave of ‘zombie households’


recession creating zombie householdIf you've been bringing up little ones over the past few years you'll know how hard it's been financially.

But just how hard? Well, financial experts warn that the average family is £30,000 worse off now than it was in 2007 because of the economic crisis.

The National Institute of Economic and Social Research said the recession risks creating a wave of "zombie" households.

This term is used when struggling families are only able to stay in their homes because of low interest rates and breathing space from lenders.

The report found collective household wealth has fallen £787 billion on the figure for 2007, before our generation's recession first reared its head. Experts say that average families won't see pre-recession levels for at least another seven years.

The researchers suggest that some people have been harder hit than others - with families in the 'stretched middle' bearing the brunt on the back of falling property values.

Meanwhile, figures from the FSA suggest that more than 800,000 mortgages have seen missed or late payments.

'A significant number of households are already in quite a difficult situation,' said Angus Armstrong, director of economic research at NIESR.

Recent changes to the tax credit system haven't helped families' plight either, according to a report which says thousands have fallen into poverty.