Recycled ‘Shwop Coat’ available at M&S

Marks and Spencer coat

Marks and Spencer coatMarks and Spencer is leading the way when it comes to recycled clothes, stocking its shelves with a coat made entirely from second-hand clothing donated by customers.

It is part of the retailer's "shwopping" campaign which encourages its customers to leave an old item of clothing each time they buy something new, with the aim of collecting as many pieces as they sell.

Donated clothing is then given to Oxfam, with any items unsuitable for resale shipped to Italy, reduced to fibre form, cleaned and made into new fabric before being sold on to M&S suppliers.

Sustainable future for fashion

The "Shwop Coat" is made from wool and will sell for £89 in selected stores and online from October 10, and the retailer claims it is the first on the high street to be made from old or unwanted items donated by shoppers.

Mark Sumner, a spokesman for M&S's Plan A sustainability project, said: "The Shwop Coat marks a huge step forwards for creating a sustainable future for fashion.

"It's also great for our customers who can not only see what shwopping their old and unwanted clothes can lead to, but also get their hands on a stylish coat that looks great but costs less."

Shop for less

We all love to shop - but we don't love the bill at the end of it. However, there are always ways you can shop for less.

Taking advantage of deals and discounts is one of the best ways to save money.

Vouchers also offer you fantastic savings, with many giving you around 20% off. Some are downloadable forms that you can easily print off,while others will take you straight to those savings online.

Shopping via the web is another way to save on products, but you must be careful when it comes to online security.

Then, of course, there is sales shopping, allowing you to hunt down end-of-season items like next summer's swimsuit or next year's winter coat, when they're cheaper.