Rent your Christmas tree this year

christmas tree

christmas treeTaking down the Christmas tree is never a particularly pleasant experience - the fun is over, the decorations are coming down, and it's back to work.

But even worse is that many of us throw our beloved tree away - after bringing us so much joy in the festive season, most are just resigned to landfill, never to be loved again.

But a new scheme will help to prevent that from happening, as families can "rent" their Christmas tree before returning it to be used again the following year. Not only is the scheme hugely environmentally friendly it also offers familes a welcome budget-busting option around the typically expensive festive period.

The scheme, launched by the Little Tree Company, will give people the chance to hire a pruned and potted Christmas tree for the festive period. It will then be collected in the new year, and replanted to be rented out the following Christmas.

The tree rental business is being supported by the Ideal Home Show at Christmas next month, where people will be able to reserve their own trees from one of three different species.

Lee Newton, managing director of the Ideal Home Show at Christmas, said: "It is always a bit heartbreaking to see bare bristled Christmas trees dumped and discarded along the streets every January,so we are proud to be able to offer our visitors an alternative way of purchasing and recycling their Christmas trees this year."

Figures suggest some six million real Christmas trees are dumped after the festive season each year. Very few are put to good use in their final hours - only 10% are recycled for composting and wood chipping,with the rest ending up in landfill.

Under the scheme, once the tree grows too big for a home they will be planted out in sites including schools and nursing homes. The Little Tree Company says there it will absorb a tonne of carbon, which is great news for the environment.