Renters ‘lose £900m a year in energy savings’

energy saving for renters

energy saving for rentersIf you live in rented accommodation you might be incurring higher energy bills because your home is not very well insulated.

Research by E.ON has revealed that nearly eight in 10 homeowners have made their properties more energy efficient compared to just two in 10 renters.

A lack of the implementation of basic energy saving measures means that those of us in the rental sector are missing out on combined savings of over £990 million every year.

Those of us in rented accommodation are each missing out on average savings of £400 a year, which could be avoided through the installation of double glazing, loft and wall insulation.

With more and more of us stuck in rented houses, amid the current difficulties in getting on the property ladder, E.ON is calling on landlords to make their properties as energy efficient as possible to help lower their tenant's energy bills.

The Government's Green Deal scheme is designed to please both landlords and tenants alike.

Landlords will be able to make energy efficiency improvements without having to pay for them upfront, and although tenants will repay the cost of the measures through their energy bills, these bills will be lower.

Richard Lambert of the National Landlords Association, said: "It's important that tenants and landlords both realise there are ways of improving the energy efficiency of properties. The NLA encourages landlords to take advantage of the government's Green Deal, available later this year."

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