Rise in number of dads in part-time work

dads in part time work

dads in part time workThe economic downturn has forced many families to look at alternative ways of bringing in enough money to make ends meet.

A new study has shown that the number of men forced to settle for part-time work because they're unable to find a full-time role has more than doubled over four years.

The Trades Union Congress (TUC) says there are now almost 600,000 men working part-time because they cannot find a permanent position, and official figures show that there are 1.4 million workers and self-employed people in the same boat. This is the highest figure since 1992, when records began.

Working part-time can obviously prove a big help for family-life, meaning dads get to spend more time with their children, less time at work and can
share childcare with their partners.

However, these benefits need to be compared with the change in salary that a full-time job would bring in, and could help with significant costs such as childcare.

Brendan Barber, the TUC general secretary said that while unemployment fell last month, the job crisis is not over.

He pointed out that "virtually all" new jobs are "part-time and temporary" but most people who take them were looking for full-time, permanent work.