Ryanair offers new flights to the sun


cheapflightsLow-budget airlines can be both a blessing and a curse - but in general for families, they provide a cost-effective travel option.

And now Ryanair has revealed that more than 260 extra flights are set to be offered each week from its London bases.

Twenty-six new major summer 2012 routes will ferry passengers to exciting destinations including France, Germany, Finland and Italy. The flights, which will transport more than 1.5 million additional passengers, will set off from Luton and Stansted airports.

Despite this summer's Olympic Games being held in London, Ryanair figures indicate that Brits are still keen to venture abroad. It says that advance bookings are up by 28% during the Olympic fortnight compared to 2011.

The airline's chief, Michael O'Leary, said; "Ryanair is pleased to announce that our 26 new summer routes will deliver over 260 additional weekly flights and over 1.5m additional passengers p.a. at London Luton and Stansted, helping Londoners escape the Olympics as they book Ryanair's low fare seats to the sun.

"To celebrate Olympic success, Ryanair is releasing one million seats from just £9.99 for travel across Europe in May."

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