Ryanair: Pack light or pay more!

packing for holiday

packing for holidayIf you're one of those people (mum, we're looking at you) who finds it impossible to keep your holiday packing down to a minimum, then look away now.

Budget airline Ryanair, long a favourite among families looking for a cheap getaway, has announced it is to increase the charge levied at travellers for each bag they bring on board during peak periods.

When also taking the kids into consideration, a fair amount of clobber is needed to get you through a week, let alone a fortnight, so families could be doubly hit under the new policy.

So why is Ryanair doing it and how exactly might it affect us? Well the official line is to simply try and discourage passengers from carrying too much baggage on board.

Starting from next June, the fee for each bag checked in online for peak periods will rise from £20 to £25, while the costs of checking in a bag at the airport will surge by considerably more.

Thankfully, the cost of online baggage checked in during low season will not be affected by these latest changes.

The company is also, however, hoping to increase its boarding card reissue penalty from £40 to £60, from 15 Jan 2012; a move which it hopes will prompt the 10 passengers per day who forget to bring their boarding card to bring it.

A Ryanair spokesperson commented: "Over 70% of Ryanair passengers will be unaffected by these changes as they already travel with no checked-in bags and instead use Ryanair's free of charge 10kg carry on allowance."

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