Save £111 on family holiday money

Credit card and euro coins

Credit card and euro coinsAs the festive period draws to an end and the winter weather begins to worsen, thoughts of our next summer getaway can be one of few comforts available on bitter January evenings.

But with money tighter than ever right now, it will be important for many families to maximise what cash they do have to get the best holiday possible.

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has revealed that carefully considering how you handle your travel spends could save a family of four on a break to the Mediterranean anything from £63 to £111.

It highlighted how reducing the amount of foreign currency bought before travelling and increasing card use while away can lead to considerable savings.

The OFT said seeking out the best deals for both travel cash alternatives is the key to making the most of your time abroad.

Did you know that some cards can be used overseas with no charge at all?

The OFT said these include Santander Zero debit and credit cards, Norwich & Peterborough's debit card, the Halifax Clarity credit card and the Nationwide Select credit card.

For other cards there are charges of around £1-£1.50 for transactions and nominal deductions for cashpoint withdrawals.

Are you worried about getting away next year? Check out this guide with more information on getting the best deals with travel money.