Save money – make a shopping list

shopping list

shopping listMost of us know from experience that impulsive food shopping can have a negative effect on your bank balance, as well as your waistline!

Without a rigid shopping list drawing you to the fruit and veg aisles it's all too easy to pick up an extra bag of crisps or delicious sweets - they're tasty and convenient as they keep the kids quiet.

But researchers have recently revealed that sticking to a shopping list can end up saving around £1,500 a year, which would be a welcome boost to any family's coffers at the moment.

Spending time carefully planning out each meal for the week was also shown to reduce the number of takeaways consumed, meals missed and snacks eaten.

The Change4Life survey used 20 households to examine how much they saved during the second half of a fortnight when they followed clear recipes and guidance on economical shopping.

These results have emerged as the group is about to launch a Government-backed campaign to encourage affordable healthy eating.

Public Health Minister Anne Milton said: "If you're busy and on a budget, you can still eat well.

"Some people might think that eating a balanced diet is more expensive but that does not have to be the case. If we plan ahead we can make better choices and save money too."

Alex Pople, 25, from Somerset who took part in the survey said: "Planning ahead really paid off for us, we saved money on our shopping and we didn't have to make a last-minute decision about what to eat every night."

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