Save money with the couponing revolution


CouponingIt appears that we are a nation of bargain hunters, with just over 75% of people in the UK using couponing and vouchers to save money.

Savvy shoppers are now one step ahead of the game when it comes to the latest deals. A recent study carried out for Nationwide revealed that 61% of us have saved £100 in the past year alone by taking advantage of coupons and vouchers.

Gone are the days when bagging a bargain was viewed as a social embarrassment. In fact, many now see it as a challenge, with 95% of us basking in the glory of being the one to discover the latest deal and passing it on.

Finding the best offers out there doesn't have to be time consuming; you just need to know where to look. In this case we've done the hard job for you! There are plenty of deals to take advantage of that will make a real difference to your family budget.

Don't ever pay full price again

When it comes to your weekly food shop you can sometimes be left wondering how you've spent so much. Before you go to the shops, find out which supermarket has the best price on your household essentials that week - the savings can be huge. This Best Buys table is updated every week with the cheapest prices.

Go one step further and start actively seeking out vouchers and coupons for the items you buy frequently. If you have a little time to spare to gather the deals, you could save yourself heaps of money. Find out how our shopping expert Debbie O’Connor saves £40 a week on her grocery shop: Download this free eBook on Discount Shopping with Vouchers and Coupons (you’ll need to sign up to MyFamilyClub for free to access this).

Coupons and vouchers are also a great way to save money when eating out or booking family holidays. Thousands of restaurants now offer amazing savings in order to secure your custom, while many travel companies often give discounts on a wide range of trips. Take a look at the voucher code deals which are available to find the best discount family meals around.

With so many discount opportunities to exploit in order to save money, why not get in on the action? Almost half of the UK (48%) plan to do so in the coming days by buying their Father's Day gift this year with a money-off voucher.