Save time with the ‘online fitting room’!

virtual fitting room shopping

virtual fitting room shoppingAttempting to try on new clothes when you're in town with the kids at the weekend can be a nightmare, but then buying online only to find they don't fit is also a waste of time - until now.

Tesco has launched a new virtual fitting room that allows you to 'try on' clothes by simply uploading a photo of yourself to the Florence and Fred fitting room page.

The firm is to trial the service on its Facebook page, clothingattesco. If successful it could mean an end to returning clothes that don't fit, saving you unnecessary and time consuming trips back into town in the process.

The technology has been developed by digital agency Metail. The trial will run for around eight weeks, but how will it work?

All you'll have to do to get involved is upload two pictures, or type in your vital statistics alongside a shot of your face. With this information, the technology will establish what size dress you should be trying on.

If the potential for time saving isn't enough to impress you, you may be further swayed by the fact that you can use the service without spending a penny.

What about if you like to see how your dress will match your new hairstyle? Fine, for the service allows you to try on new clothes with different hairdos.

You can also get a second opinion from your Facebook friends.

Emily Shamma, director of Tesco Clothing Online, said: "Although there has been talk about 'virtual fitting rooms' before, until now the technology has not been able to combine styling, accurate fit and size based on people's specific measurements.

"Shopping with your virtual self helps you to see what dress might suit you best, what top goes with those skinny jeans or how a jacket might look with a particular skirt.

"It is also quick and easy to use, particularly for customers who don't have the time or dislike having to trek around the shops."

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