Savings on food: The trend for 2012

saving money on food

saving money on foodIf you have set yourself the target of saving money on your food shopping this year, you're not alone.

My Secret Kitchen has put together its definitive guide to what it reckons will be this year's top kitchen trends and, perhaps unsurprisingly, saving money has come out on the top of the pile.

It's all well and good wanting to save money, but how do we go about actually putting it into practice? Well, it's all about being a bit clever when it comes to shopping and cooking, apparently.

My Secret Kitchen, which as this article explains is a company which holds Tupperware-style food sales in people's homes, says that fruit and vegetables are likely to become more dear this year.

Bearing this in mind you may wish to take an extra minute by the veg aisle to weigh your carrots and spuds before slinging them in the trolley.

Many of us have responded to the economic conditions by cooking cheap recipes perfected over generations - stews, or shepherd's pie. The research found that this trend is going to grow even further this year, and a good tip is to buy cheaper cuts of meat from harder working parts of the body - if you cook them for a few hours in a casserole they'll simply melt off the bone.

Coming on the back of the Great British Bake-Off, many of us are baking for the first time. However, ingredients can be pricey, but the company's guide points you in the direction of cheaper whole grains.

Eating meals as a family is also expected to be big this year, and if you want some ideas on how to wow the kids and the other half around the table why not check out these quick, cheap and easy family recipes?