‘Savvy’ shopping on the rise in Britain


shopping for a bargainSupporting a family is expensive particularly in these harder financial times, but it appears we are adapting appropriately, with more and more of us becoming competent at sniffing out the best bargains in order to save pennies.

Instead of paying the whole cost of an item, mums and dads in the UK are now among those regularly looking for discounts and reductions.

Well, wouldn't you rather buy two and get one free than buy three full price?

More than half of those savvy shoppers are now prepared to haggle with sellers to get the best price, while 60% of us will hold out until the item we have our eye on is reduced, according to Santander Credit Cards' research.

We could also be fast approaching the death of the impulse buy, as more than 70% of people say they now shop around to find the best price before handing over their hard-earned cash.

More than 25% of Brits expect to receive a discount if they buy in bulk, while 15% say they will even walk away if the seller doesn't accept the price offered to them!

Some 6% of people will try to charm the seller in order to grab a bargain.

Santander Cards' Director, Gail Goldie, said: "We're all looking for ways to beat the squeeze and more people than ever are now looking to make better use of their hard earned cash and ways to make it go further, or 'savvy-shopping', which over the course of a year can result in quite significant savings.

"Haggling is great for those situations where the price isn't fixed and shopping around is another obvious one, particularly given how easy it is to do that online.

"Other good ways are to make sure you have a payment card that works for you."

Nearly 80% of women said they would describe themselves as a 'savvy' shopper, while 65% said they would wait for an item to go on sale before they bought it. This compares to 55% of men who said they would do the same.