School basics ‘cost parents £5,000’

kids school uniform

kids school uniformParents have to fork out more than £5,000 for the essentials needed by their children at school, new figures suggest.

To cover 12 years of schooling for two children a family will pay out £5,033 on school uniform, sports kit and stationery, according to the survey commissioned by Staples.

This total is based on a cost of £209.72 per child at the start of each school year.

School cost concerns

The study also revealed the amount of pressure many parents are feeling as a result of the costs associated with their children's education.

Three-quarters of parents are worried about being able to afford the basics for school - while a fifth even admitted to sending their child to school in uniform that is too small as they couldn't afford the next size up.

Some parents also said they feel pressure from other parents to kit their kids out in certain brands, with others stating their children had been teased for having different items to their peers.

The average parent now saves for at least two months before the start of term to ensure they have enough cash to buy the basics.

Top tips for the back to school shop

Staples managing director Amee Chande has offered parents various top tips for completing the back to school shop with minimum stress.

"Parents shouldn't feel they have to replace everything with something new just because it's a new school year," she explained.

"It's likely that last year's fountain pen will work just as well again this year. Parents could even think about setting their child a budget so they take extra care over choosing their purchases and look after their new kit."

Given the recession, parents have "no choice but to save money wherever they can, meaning the back to school shop has had to change," Ms Chande added.

Tracking down cheap school uniform could be a fantastic way to make those pennies stretch further this autumn.