Shoppers, avoid this VAT hit!

pile of CDs or DVDs

pile of CDs or DVDsAs many savvy shoppers will know, for years we've been able to snap up cheap items from the Channel Islands without having to pay VAT. But this is all going to change.

Until now, Brits have been able to order products worth up to £15 without having to pay VAT. This is great for buying the odd DVD or CD.

But from 1 April next year this will stop, as the practice is said to be costing the Government around £140 million a year.

The change could hit large numbers of families so the ability to spot a good bargain will be more important than ever, and parents should shop around for the best deals.

Make sure you research prices online and in-store, and look out for any deals or vouchers that can save you money, like the discount vouchers available at MyFamilyClub.

Remember, CDs and DVDs are the exact same product wherever you buy them, so take some time to hunt for the best price. After all, why pay more than you need to?

If you do buy from retailers based on the Channel Islands, make sure you factor in the new VAT costs from next April, otherwise you could be hit with a nasty surprise.