Slash working week to create family time

office worker looking at wristwatch

office worker looking at wristwatchIf your working week leaves you with little time for anything else you may be pleased to hear the recommendations of a new thinktank report.

The New Economics Foundation (NEF) said that the economy could be given a leg-up by us actually working fewer hours than we do now.

It reckons that if we spent less time at work it would boost jobs as well as quality of life. If you're a working mum or dad you'll know all about how a full-time job can impact upon family time, so you may well agree that your life would be more enjoyable if you spent less time in the office and more time at home!

The NEF claims that reducing the working week to 20 hours would be a way of tackling unemployment. It will discuss the issues at a meeting at the London School of Economics. It said that although such a move would hit people's pockets, it would leave more family time over - something we can all agree would be a huge boost.

Anna Coote, co-author the report, told the Observer: "There's a great disequilibrium between people who have got too much paid work, and those who have got too little or none.

"Are we just living to work, and working to earn, and earning to consume?"

Under current systems, however, most of will continue to spend plenty of time behind our desks. So how do you simplify your working life? Well, getting organised could be a decent start - try following these tips for organising your work life.