‘SMARTmums’ in danger of burnout

cleaning the house

cleaning the houseMums are holding down a staggering 12 jobs at a time when it comes to housework - doing more work at home on a daily basis than many others do in a week.

According to the Tesco Mobile Family Matters Index, two thirds (64%) are even juggling their 12 'mum' roles alongside full or part time work.

However, SMARTmums - so-called for juggling so many different chores at once - find such multitasking hard, with 76% admitting they need help to manage the household.

Mums across Britain traditionally play a variety of roles including stock controller, travel agent, family PA and party planner. In fact, 94% said they feel the housework is never ending.

"Mums today not only work longer hours both at work and within the home, but are also the lynchpin of family life and the hub for family communication," said Dr Katherine Rake, Chief Executive of the Family and Parenting Institute.

"Parents today are under pressure from all sorts of angles, so whist they should be celebrated for their multitasking magnitude, they always appreciate support in balancing work, life, childcare and managing the family finances."

Jobs of a SMARTmum

The research found that 82% of mums act as cleaner around the house, while 80% play the role of nurse and 77% moonlight as stock controller.

Other jobs include; chef (76%), household PA (76%), party organiser (75%), counsellor (73%), teacher (70%), relationship expert (69%), tour guide (61%), travel agent (60%) and accountant (59%).

Get the kids involved

Getting your children to help out with chores is a great way of spending more time with them, plus it helps to take the weight off your shoulders.

Why not hang the laundry out with them or, depending on their age, get them to
assist you in the kitchen. They can even help you when it comes to your weekly food shop, washing the car or just doing the washing up after mealtime.

Gardening chores are something else the kids can get involved with and it is one of the most enjoyable ways of knocking off those necessary jobs.

Getting your teenage children to help out will also make life easier for you, although they might need some convincing! As well as lightening the load for you, it will teach them the benefits of independence and keep them occupied.