South West Water customers to save £50 a year

tap water flowing

tap water flowingGood news for those of us getting our water from South West Water - we are set to save £50 a year on our bills from now on - and there are savings in the pipeline for Londoners too.

The government is introducing a new Bill which will see £400 million handed out to the private water company, in a bid to ease the pressure on its customers who are currently paying the highest bills in Britain.

This is because South West Water has to spend a lot of money on keeping Devon's and Cornwall's extensive coastline clean.

Environment minister Richard Benyon said: "We wanted to get on with funding South West Water to enable it to cut bills for its household customers."

The Water Industry (Finance Assistance) Bill is also good news for Thames Water customers in London as they will now have to contribute less to the construction of a new Thames Tunnel super sewer.

Mr Benyon said: "We want to reassure potential investors in the Thames Tunnel from an early stage that the Government is willing to provide contingent financial support for exceptional project risk where this offers best value for money for Thames Water customers and taxpayers."

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