Spreading the costs of Christmas food

family christmas dinner

family christmas dinnerIt's great to plan ahead, and there's nothing like that sense of self-satisfaction at getting all the Christmas food shopping done and dusted weeks in advance!

But getting everything out of the way all at once is not always the best idea financially, especially for those paying extra special care to staying afloat during one of the most worrying Christmas climates in recent history.

Equally, how frustrating would it be to stock up all at once, only to find that holding on for one more week would've meant you could've got that turkey at a snip of the price?

It may sound so simple but spreading out the costs of your festive banquet is a sure-fire way to ensure it has minimal impact on your family budget for the Yuletide period.

Sorting out snacks and nibbles one week then, say, crackers and decorations the next and gradually working your way up to the big day, mums and dads can save straining the purse strings, while also opening up extra time to hunt out the best deals on offer at any one time.

Family supermarket Waitrose has already noticed an emerging trend for families spreading their costs, no matter how many people they're each planning on squeezing round the table come 25 December.

On top of reporting a 67% year-on-year surge in online orders for party food and turkeys, the store has also noticed a huge emergence of shoppers taking advantage of festive internet offers, such as champagne - for which a half price offer has seen sales increase by a whopping 250%!

The supermarket says shoppers have been spreading the cost of the festive season by stocking up on essentials over the last few weeks, with some planning their purchases across two pay days in November and December.

Mark Williamson, Commercial Director, Waitrose, said: "Every year customers prepare for Christmas even earlier. This year, with tough economic times, we have seen them spreading the cost of Christmas over the weeks leading up to the big day - diluting their Christmas costs across two pay days."

If you like the sound of saving time and money by spreading your costs this Christmas, you could have a look at this guide to shopping online for food.