Spring is the new summer for family holidays

spring holiday

spring holidayMore and more parents are planning to take their children out of school for off-peak family holidays this spring, according to researchers.

Cheap.co.uk reckons that many of us will be weighing up such a move in a bid to make a 2012 getaway affordable.

A spokesman for the travel website said: "With summer holiday travel costs so much higher than the off-peak spring months, families can save a huge amount by travelling earlier in the year."

The survey collected data from airport parking and travel insurance customers and found that overall more than 50% of people are considering a holiday in the spring months.

Research shows that families booking holidays in July and August can face sharp increases in prices on those found earlier in the year. Cheap.co.uk said at one operator the cost of a family holiday to Cyprus went from just over £900 for a week in April to £2,109 in August.

The spokesperson added: "It's also worth considering that this summer there are a number of sporting events taking place, including the Olympics, which are hosted here in the UK and Euro 2012 in Poland, which will be screened on UK television channels.

"This may have helped sway the decisions of parents."

There's also the option of a spring holiday in the UK, which is attracting more and more families. But how do you feel about the idea of the little ones falling behind in their studies in your persuit of savings?

This article looks at the issues involved with taking your kids out of school for cheaper holidays.