Staycation campaign proves unsuccessful

staycation campaign flop

staycation campaign flopWe all love a great holiday abroad with our family, so it's perhaps little wonder the Government's staycation campaign is emerging as a bit of a flop.

An estimated £3 million has been spent on the Holiday at Home advertising drive, designed to encourage people to take a break in Britain instead of jetting off to foreign climes.

But a YouGov survey shows that two in three have taken no notice and continue to make plans to fly away once the summer rolls around. Around a tenth of the 2,000-plus adults who were quizzed said they were unaware the adverts even existed.

The poll, which was commissioned by currency card provider Caxton FX, also found that one in 25 were actually less likely to take a break in their home country because of the campaign.

Interestingly, residents in the North East and the North West were the most influenced with one in five, or 19%, saying they are likely to have a vacation in the UK. The advertising campaign had the least impact on people living in Scotland.

"In spite of substantial investment, it seems that Brits are still committed to holidays abroad and with the pound currently very high against the Euro, holidays abroad can offer good value - especially for those people who would prefer to avoid the Olympics this summer," said James Hickman, managing director at the firm.