Staycation sunshine hotspot revealed


EastbourneAs a nation we're obsessed by the weather, so it's no surprise that this is a key consideration when we book our summer breaks.

The last thing you want to do is spend all year waiting for the chance to go away, only to spend the whole time diving for rain cover when you get there.

But with many of us struggling financially this year, staycations might have to be the way forward.

This will, naturally, increase the likelihood of a summer holiday washout but an expert has pointed out that those looking for sunshine at affordable prices should head to Eastbourne - found to be the sunniest place in Britain.

Meteorologist Philip Eden has highlighted that the seaside town had the highest number of sunshine hours in the UK during 2011.

Mr Eden, who manages and and, also pointed out that the average temperature in Eastbourne last year reached 12.3C, which is thought to be the highest annual average on record.

Hoteliers and local businesses in the area will no doubt be hoping that this will attract a lot of families to the area looking for a great break at a bargain.

Would this tempt you to make the seaside resort your summer destination?

Eastbourne Borough councillor Neil Stanley, cabinet member for tourism and leisure, said: "We are absolutely delighted to hear that we are yet again the sunniest place in the UK, with our microclimate bringing us more hours of sunshine than anywhere else in the country."

Have you considered a staycation this year? There are great family holidays on your doorstep that you probably don't even know about.