Staying in? Cook up a storm with kitchen gadgets!

kitchen gadgets

kitchen gadgetsStaying in really is the new going out in these stringent times, and it seems more of us are investing in new kitchen equipment to make such evenings that extra bit special.

In a bid to cut spending on eating out, growing numbers of us are cooking up tasty grub at home, with the help of some trusty gadgets.

But with busy lives to juggle we can't afford to spend hours in the kitchen, so we're opting for time-saving gizmos like food processors, steamers and blenders.

Sales of some electrical cookware at Debenhams have shot up by more than 50% in recent months.

And it seems we're updating our classic cooking utensils too, buying new salt and pepper grinders, pestle and mortars, knife blocks, spatulas and chopping boards.

Inspired by the likes of BBC TV's Masterchef and Heston Blumenthal's TV show, we're trying out new recipes and inviting friends round to sample them.

Debenhams spokesperson Elena Antoniou said: "When it comes to entertaining at home the formal dinner party is out, inviting friends around is much more relaxed these days and it allows hosts to try new ideas and new dishes without a fear the evening will turn into a disaster.

"Home cooking is no longer about showing off, it's about the company and saving money, especially in these belt tightening times."

But if you're not sure where to start when it comes to kitchen gizmos, you can get a special helping hand from our in-house kitchen gadget guru!