Steps to ‘cut home bills by £85’


Heating and powering your home can be a headache for families, and the average energy bill for a household that uses electricity and gas is set to rise by around £257 this year, after all the major suppliers hiked their prices.

But there are some easy steps you can take to cut these bills - and they could even save you £85 a year.

We all know we should be turning off TVs and stereos that have been left on standby, and making sure we don't leave lights on in rooms that aren't being used. Hopefully now the extent of the savings has been illustrated, we may start to take extra care.

Here's a good example. While you might think that turning your computer on and off when you use it throughout the day is best, energy supplier Airtricity said it's actually better to leave it in hibernation mode. This is because PCs use a lot of power reloading the programmes when they are turned back on.

Other top tips from the Irish firm include ensuring not to block radiators in any way, perhaps by draping the kids towels over them, as it will take longer to heat the house.

Washing your clothes also uses a lot of energy, so only do a wash when you've got a full load. You might also want to consider dropping the temperature and only using dryers sparingly.

Airtricity managing director Stephen Wheeler said: "Managing household bills is a struggle for a lot of people at the moment but many consumers do not understand that small actions like switching appliances off at the wall and turning off lights can make a huge difference to their energy consumption and costs."

Some other steps you can take include defrosting the fridge and using lids when cooking.

If you want to be really precise about how much energy you use, why not install an energy monitor? That way you can see which appliances cost the most to use.

Have a look at this video on preventing your home form leaking money for some further advice.