Strapped for cash? Rent out your car!

car rental

car rentalWe're all looking for inspirational ways to raise cash in the difficult financial environment, and now a new scheme might just help to put a little extra money back into family pockets.

The drivers amongst us will certainly be interested to hear that two canny entrepreneurs - Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou, who founded easyJet, and founder Brent Hoberman - have announced they are to launch a new "car club" programme together.

The scheme will give driving mums and dads the chance to rent out their vehicles at times when they don't need them.

London will host a pilot version of the scheme in the spring, and people will be able to book time in other drivers' cars with the aid of new smartphone apps.

Car owners will be able to set the price of their car and when it is available to be hired. EasyCar will insure them when they are being hired out and the cars will be fitted with automatic entry and tracker systems.

In further good news for cash-strapped parents, the scheme aims to offer cheaper prices than more costly car rental firms!

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