Stress may lead to more baby girls

baby girl

baby girlDoes worrying about paying the bills send your stress levels soaring?

If so, there could be a surprising consequence if you're trying for a baby - more chance of having a baby girl!

Juggling the purse strings as food and fuel bills soar is a daily battle, and as levels of the stress hormone cortisol increase so does the chance of a woman conceiving a girl rather than a boy, new research claims.

Oxford University's Dr Cecilia Pyper believes this could be down to the maternal instinct, saying: "Women get very stressed when they haven't got enough money to care for their families, they worry on a day to day basis about how they are going to find the next bit of money to pay the next bill."

So shopping around for deals could help cut stress levels as well as bills - and might mean more chance of a bouncing baby boy being the next addition to the family!