Study lifts lid on 2012 flight bargains

flight bargains

flight bargainsHaving difficulty deciding between potential 2012 family holiday destinations?'s breakdown of this year's best airfare deals could point you in the right direction.

The research shows there are bargains to be had flying to parts of the USA and Italy, while those opting for Turkey and a number of other locations could end up paying more.

If the kids have long-badgered you about seeing the beaches of Miami, this could be the year to give in to their demands. says that prices have dropped by more than a fifth year-on-year, equating to savings of as much as £350 for snappy bookers.

You could also be swept off your feet by the romance of Florence for much less than it would have cost last year, according to the research. It shows that flights to the Italian city are down in price by a remarkable 47%.

Another destination offering a significant price drop is Dubrovnik, with flights costing 41% less than last year, according to the survey.

But what about the other side of the coin, and those destinations you may wish to swerve?

Prices were up by around a fifth for flights to Egypt, and there were rises of 25% and 47% for Turkey and Kos respectively when compared to last year.

Aaron Ritoper,'s UK general manager said, "With the introduction of recent APD hikes and airline contraction, it's becoming increasingly difficult to find great flight deals.

"This study confirms that airline prices on average are higher this January than last, but there are still some bright spots, particularly Miami, Rio and Dubrovnik."

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