Summer kids’ activities costing parents £30 a week

kids activities

kids activitiesThe average parent will end up spending £126.95 on kids' activities this holiday, according to new research.

Research by Morrisons found that over a third of mums and dads (36%) believe paying for family days out is essential as they just don't know how to keep the children entertained for free.

Families are now spending over £30 a week more per child in the school holidays than during term time, and with four weeks of the summer break still left, around one in 10 (8%) are expecting to accumulate a debt of between £250 and £500.

But entertaining our children doesn't have to burn a hole in our pockets - in fact it needn't cost a penny.

Think back to your childhood

The supermarket giant believes taking a leaf out of our own childhood scrapbooks can help keep the kids occupied and the costs down, identifying games like hopscotch, leapfrog, blind man's bluff, jacks and tiddlywinks as a means of achieving this.

However, the study into family summers found that such pastimes are on the verge of extinction with over a quarter of parents (27%) admitting their kids have never played these old favourites.

Nearly half of the parents who responded to the survey believe that they were more active in their childhoods and therefore healthier than their children, with around three-fifths stating that the games they played enabled them to spend more time outside.

Morrisons identified a league of the most 'at risk of extinction' games as parents in the UK admitted they had forgotten the way to play and teach them:

  • Elastics / French skipping (46% don't feel they can teach their children)
  • Cat's cradle (46%)
  • Paper plane making (31%)
  • Leapfrog (30%)
  • Hopscotch (29%)

Plenty to do this summer

In response to the findings, Morrisons has teamed up with Play England and launched the M Savers Summer 'Pop-Up' Play Park which will tour the UK throughout the summer holidays teaching such games and creative activities absolutely free.

Check out the events calendar to see when the park will be coming to a city near you.

There are tons of other free or low cost activities to do with the kids this holiday such as museum trips, sporting events and nature days out - so why not get involved!