Super-fast broadband for all by 2015?

super-fast broadband

super-fast broadbandHouseholds across the country could soon benefit from access to super-fast broadband as the Government pushes ahead with new plans for universal access.

The new measures aim to make it easier for cable companies to install broadband - with the target of every home having it by 2015.

Currently, the average broadband speed in Britain is about 6Mbps (megabits per second). Although this provides near instant page downloads, for those wishing to stream or download TV over the internet a minimum broadband connection of 10Mbps is recommended.

The Government target is to provide 90% of communities with access to broadband with speeds of 24Mbps a second by 2015.

Switch and save

Price comparison website hopes the changes will help customers stop wasting £1.1 billion a year by receiving more broadband choice.

Almost half of the 21 million households in Britain with a broadband internet connection have always used the same provider.

And Julia Stent, telecoms expert at uSwitch, thinks people are missing out on cheaper and better deals by not switching.

She said: "Too few people realise they can get a better deal elsewhere - and with super-fast broadband upgrades being offered it is going to mean not only better value for money being available from another provider but often better speeds and connectivity."

Fear of losing connection

Price comparison service provider believes that fear of losing internet connection is often behind a reluctance to move.

Charlie Ponsonby, chief executive of Simplifydigital, said: "The thought of losing the internet and an email account fills many people with dread - and changing can be a pain.

"Providers do not always make it easy to switch as deals can be tied into TV and landline phone packages. You may also need to get a migration access code so you can get permission to switch your broadband provider."

BT is one company to offer such combined packages, but it recently announced it is to increase price rates from next year.

When on the lookout for a new provider it is important to keep an eye on the small print, as you could be hit by an array of hidden costs.