Tesco launches family-friendly mobile phone plan

family-friendly mobile phone plans

family-friendly mobile phone plansFor most parents mobile phones are now an essential part of everyday life and a primary means of staying in contact with family members.

But they can also rack up considerable costs on top of the many other household bills we have to pay, and it is hard to know which network provider and tariff best suits your family-friendly mobile needs.

Best for you?

Add up the number of minutes of call time you use or would need to use, and how many text messages you send. Many mobiles now come with internet access, which while a tempting additional perk, may not be an essential service for many parents.

Once you have worked out what you use your mobile phone for, there are many ways to save on your bill.

You may decide you would better suit a pay-as-you-go tariff if you do not use your mobile so much. Although there are now many short-term contracts now available that can save you money too.

Family mobile deals

Tesco Mobile is also launching a new family-friendly mobile reward deal for customers, which will enable families with between two and five mobile phones to have Tesco Mobile subscriptions on the same account.

This account will provide families with considerable savings, with a choice of 500 extra minutes to Tesco Mobile phones, 150 extra minutes to any network or 250MB of extra internet data.

This single account for the whole family also simplifies matters as it means only one Tesco Mobile Pay Monthly or SIM Only household bill.

Chief Executive Officer at Tesco Mobile, Roger Fogg, says: "We understand that modern family life is hectic and we want to do all we can to support families in managing their household budget more efficiently.

"We have spoken to our customers and we know that they want to be thanked for their loyalty with meaningful rewards. Not only does our offering simplify the billing process for families, providing a helping hand for the bank of mum and dad when wallets are feeling the pinch, it also gives us a chance to offer bonus bundles and offer even better value to our most loyal customers."

All Tesco Mobile customers with two or more eligible subscribers can take advantage of the offer, and customers can add anyone to the bill, whether a relative or not.

More information on the offer is available at tescomobile.com.