The £200 cheap lunch challenge!

sliced bread

sliced breadWe've all probably experimented with different ways to cut our food expenditure as a great means of saving money, but what if your lunch consisted of just bread, bread, and more bread?

Well that's the idea behind the toast sandwich, made of - you guessed it - bread. It's a dry piece of toast between two slices of bread and butter, with salt and pepper to taste.

The money-saving lunch was first invented in the mid-Victorian era, 150 years ago next month to be precise. Now the Royal Society of Chemistry is reviving it.

In fact, the society believes it is the cheapest meal in the country! So convinced is the RSC that this is the cheapest meal around, it will give £200 to the first person who can prove them wrong by coming up with a more economical - but edible - lunchtime bite.

Dr John Emsley, of the RSC, said: "I've tried it and it's surprisingly nice to eat and quite filling.

"I would emphasise that toast sandwiches are also good at saving you calories as well as money, provided you only have one toast sandwich for lunch and nothing else.

"The RSC decided to promote Mrs Beeton's toast sandwich because it might just be what we need to get us through the harsh economic times that are forecast."

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