The best value family holidays 2012?

family holidays

family holidaysWhen it comes to booking holidays abroad we naturally all want to find the best value family holidays. After all, splashing out on a summer trip is probably one of the most significant outlays we'll make all year.

And those of us looking for a self-catering holiday should head to Spain to find the best value, according to a newly-published price comparison table from Post Office Travel Money.

Paying more for the same?

It revealed that a basket of twenty supermarket-bought household items, including alcohol, for a one-week holiday for a family of four cost £56.67 in Majorca.

However, to buy exactly the same items in Cyprus you would need to pay up to £104.29. That's an extra £47.62 and shows you can save serious money if you do your homework before jetting off.

In Brighton the items cost £89.08, putting the West Sussex resort among the more-costly of the 12 holiday regions surveyed, leading us to think that family holidays abroad may be the better option.

The next best-value destinations for self-caterers after Majorca were:

  • Portuguese Algarve (£57.78)
  • Spain's Costa Blanca (£65.31)
  • Minorca (£66.71)

Due to such variation in supermarket costs it's always wise to check prices before booking if you want to find the best value family holiday. By doing so you can save a significant amount of money that could be put towards days out and other things while away.

For instance, buying commodities such as bread may seem like an insignificant expense but for a family-of-four on a one-week holiday the prices can be extremely different depending where you go. On the Mediterranean island of Gozo you will pay as little as £3.55, whereas in Tuscany in Italy you could be paying as much as £13.25.

Other ways to keep holiday costs down

See if you can swap supermarket loyalty scheme points for admittance to theme parks, flights, ferry tickets or even car hire when abroad. Your points can be worth up to four times as much if you don't spend them at the supermarket.

There are also several companies and website that help families in different countries
swap homes for a holiday. All you have to do is post details of your location, pick a place you like and get in touch with the owners to arrange a swap.