The true cost of becoming a mum

new parent

new parentBringing up children and watching them grow is a uniquely rewarding experience, but becoming a mum in today's economic climate means raising our offspring has become even more difficult than usual.

Research conducted by Mother & Baby magazine showed that around 33% of mums, for example, feel their pregnancy has negatively affected their chances of climbing further up the career ladder.

A further 17% of the 1,200 women questioned said the downturn has impacted on their choice of whether or not they should have a child, with some females opting to wait until after the economy stabilises.

As well as financial concerns, those quizzed in the poll also stated being worried about the responsibility of taking care of their baby. As many as 25% said they felt anxious that their living standards would decline as a result of the financial crisis, while 15% thought they would never have enough money to add another little bundle to the family unit.

Amongst other findings, dads were celebrated in the survey, with 77% of those quizzed saying they recognise their partners as being a good father to their child. The majority of the women (86%) feel being a dad is "as good as, or better" than being a mother.