The true cost of inadequate car cover

car insurance

car insuranceWe all know about the cost of driving nowadays. With fuel prices rocketing, repairs on the horizon and road tax to take into account, sometimes it seems like our wheels are running us down the wrong path!

Often though, it still pays to be prepared, and never more so than with car insurance.

Vehicle cover protects us from hefty repair bills in the event of an accident but, for many of us it seems, our policies do not actually cover a range of common claims.

A study has revealed that many families are being left out of pocket because their policies do not cover for such services as car key and child seat replacement or courtesy cars.

Sainsbury's car insurance discovered that Britons are forced to collectively foot a yearly £73 million bill on top of our car insurance costs to pay for vehicle damage or related services which are not covered by policies.

The study went on to reveal that we have collectively spent more than £368 million in five years because many of us are under-insured.

With 61% of policies not providing a courtesy car as standard, many of you might be shocked to learn that the average cost to hire a courtesy car is £170.067, while those of us who lose or damage their car keys have to fork out an extra £99.33 for a replacement set.

Parents have to cough up even more cash to replace child car seats, with the average fee being £123,94. Those of you with children might want to check your car insurance policy to see if car seat replacement is included because this is not the case in 74% of policies.

Ben Tyte, head of Sainsbury's car insurance, said: "When choosing a car insurance provider it is vital motorists compare policies on a like-for-like basis; looking at price alone could have disastrous consequences.

"Of course, getting the most competitive price is important and we'd always urge motorists to shop around, but they need to make sure that this doesn't result in a false economy."

With fuel prices still very high and car insurance and breakdown cover often taking up a large chunk of your earnings, our guide to saving on motoring costs could be particularly handy to those of you eager to keep car-related expenditure as low as possible.