The well-travelled younger generation!

baby at airport check in

baby at airport check inMore and more of us are giving our kids their first taste of going abroad at a younger age than us parents experienced it.

That's according to a survey anyway, which reckons that kids today will have racked up 10 foreign trips by the time they're 10!

Some 3,000 Britons were polled in the study, showing that cheaper package destinations such as Spain are among those proving a big hit for thrifty but adventurous families.

The poll shows that our kids are getting a far better deal than we did when it came to going abroad. Three decades ago, two-thirds of kids hadn't even left British soil once, let alone several times.

In fact, the poll showed that back in the day it was the staycation-style holiday which proved most popular for families, with days out at the seaside among the entertainment on offer for us mums and dads when we were kids.

But how old were you when you first went overseas? According to the poll, the average age was 13 in the 1970s and 1980s. It would appear that this has encouraged more people to take their kids overseas sooner, with the average age for first trips now being four years and nine months.

Some 80% of those polled by Teletext Holidays said that people were much more open to overseas travel these days, showing that many families are really getting out there and mixing it up when it comes to spending quality time together.

But with three-quarters of us having fond memories about childhood holidays on the British coast, it's perhaps unsurprising that some of us opt for staycatations as well, taking the kids on days out while saving on the cost of hotels.