‘There are jobs for parents’, say Tories

job search for parents

job search for parentsWhat's worrying many working parents right now is how they can up their hours from 16 to 24 per week, so they can still qualify for tax credits.

Those mums and dads who have part-time jobs will have their credits stopped unless they find extra work, under the Treasury's plans.

This means many families, who are already struggling, will lose out on thousands of pounds every year.

The job market is volatile and mums and dads may be fretting about where exactly they can find the extra eight hours so they don't lose this invaluable income.

But the Government has insisted that there are plenty of employment opportunities out there for parents.

Chloe Smith, economic secretary, said that there are roles available if mums and dads wanted them, but Labour said she was being "incredibly complacent".

The secretary said at Treasury questions in the House of Commons that jobs were being advertised, even though there are record numbers of unemployment.

She said to MPs: "Vacancies were up 11,000 in the last three months to January 2012. There was a total of 1.07 million (people) moving into employment in the last quarter."

Ms Smith said that parents who will suffer because of the change have to "take a very clear look around at the opportunities available throughout the economy".

"There are jobs out there," she said.

Jess Morden, Labour MP for Newport East, questioned what Ms Smith had said and asked where the "mythical" work would come from.

Her fellow Labour MP, Luciana Berger, who represents Liverpool Wavertree, said that 30 workers at a supermarket in her constituency had asked bosses for more work.

She added: "Those extra hours just don't exist."