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job searchAs the Christmas decorations come down, you poke your Turkey-induced belly and feel a bit silly, it's time to turn your attention to New Year's resolutions.

You know, those things we often abandon before our January paycheque even arrives?

Everyone always tells themselves each year will be different, but 2012 could be the year which sees an extra steely determination behind the often empty promises.

For many of us, the obvious choice is to lose weight and generally get healthier, but career progression (and money making) is also a key concern for a lot of us.

Distance learning specialist Home Learning College questioned 2,000 adults and found that around a third see this year as the perfect time to get a new job.

After many of us had a quieter Christmas than usual, the chance to change jobs, earn a bit more money and provide a better basis for saving for our families must be occupying a lot of people's minds.

It seems that even though most of us know we'll more than likely end up forfeiting our best-laid plans, we enjoy starting the new year with renewed hope anyway. Meanwhile, just under a tenth of those asked actually said that previous resolutions have gone on to change their lives - so maybe there's hope for us all yet!

The area with the highest proportion of people looking for a new job was revealed as the North West,while results showed the South West has the most content workforce.

"A significant number of people are feeling trapped in unsatisfactory roles due to limited opportunities in the job market," says Dave Snow, Academic Director at Home Learning College. "In previous years, bored or frustrated employees would simply have moved on to new pastures, but a lack of vacancies and greater competition has reduced this mobility."

Mr Snow explained that this trend has been worsening for a number of years, with around a third of the population expected to search for jobs this year.

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