Toy rental: Helping beat kids’ boredom!

boy playing with toys

boy playing with toysWe're all familiar with renting DVDs and computer games for our kids, but what about doing the same for toys?

A new service has been launched making that a possibility.

If you have memories of the toys you bought your kids at Christmas being cast aside and abandoned after a couple of days, could be right up your street.

Parents signing up for the service can pick and choose which toys they fancy seeing cluttering up the living room floor, in line with their children's current whims!

When your little ones get bored of the most recent batch, no problem - just request some more suitable replacements on the site and wait for them to be delivered. One happy customer called the service "the LoveFilm of toys".

The range on offer includes toys from Tomy, Fisher Price, Little Tikes and Early Learning Centre.

Yvette, a mum from Harrogate, said: "As a new mother I have to watch every penny so when I heard about I quickly realised it made great financial sense.

"Rather than wasting hundreds on toys that my child will quickly outgrow, I can have a never ending toy box full of toys that will grow with my child and save me a fortune."

People can join ToyBoxLive for £24.99 per month. However, if you prefer to pay for toys you can keep, take a look at these ideas for toys under £10 and toys under £5.