UK kids taking expensive belongings in holiday luggage

holiday luggage

holiday luggageGetting excited children packed and ready for a family holiday can be difficult, especially when they want to take all their toys with them in their holiday luggage.

And as toys and gadgets get more advanced and expensive, it is becoming more important to take out comprehensive family travel insurance and to keep an eye on belongings on trips away.

How much are your children's holiday belongings worth?

UK kids are now taking an average of £220 worth of toys, gadgets and clothes away in their holiday luggage, according to a study by Churchill Travel Insurance.

Indeed, 60% of children took their own luggage on their last holiday and almost one in ten (8%) UK kids in the last year took away possessions worth as much as £500.

A total of 47% of children took a portable video games device on holiday, while 25% took iPods, 22% took their smartphones and 21% packed digital cameras.

It isn't all technology and gadgets though, as 43% still took more traditional toys in their suitcases. Also, 63% of children packed their own clothing and 50% packed toiletries in their holiday luggage.

Finding the right family travel insurance

Although it can be tempting to skimp on family travel insurance, the loss of belongings or other setbacks while away can be very costly, and finding the right insurance for your family can still be done on a budget.

Always check the small print when purchasing insurance to make sure everything you need is covered, from medical cover to repatriation and personal belongings, and ensure you are aware of excess costs and how much you will be reimbursed.

But most importantly, shop around online for the best deal and only purchase insurance that covers what you need, not more than what you need.

Spokeswoman for Churchill Travel Insurance, Annette Fox, said: "Kids now have so many gadgets that they are taking their own suitcases on holiday with them.

"Remember that if your child is taking valuable items away with them make sure their luggage is locked securely in transit, or keep valuable possessions in your hand luggage during the flight. Make a list of all the items packed and their value, just in case the worst happens and you need to make a lost luggage claim."