Unsuitable mobile tariffs ‘cost £5bn a year’

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smartphone Most of us would find it difficult to live without our mobiles, but it goes without saying that we would like to cut the costs associated with having one.

The good news is that many of us could shave considerable amounts of money off our monthly mobile bills by ensuring that we are on a tariff that suits our needs best.

Research by Carphone Warehouse has revealed that we as a nation spend an extra £5 billion a year by being on unsuitable tariffs. Half of us are unaware of our data allowance or the free text and call bundles permitted as part of our contracts. This costs us £194 a year on average, it is believed.

A lot of us are unnecessarily shelling out for additional data charges for accessing the internet on our phones, which accounts for £173 million of the £5 billion excess.

According to the firm, an example of this is that most of us are unaware that downloading the Twitter app to our mobiles can still consume data even if it is not being used.

Carphone Warehouse went on to reveal that there are now more than seven million mobile phone deals on offer in the UK.

With so many deals to choose from, you would be forgiven for feeling a tad overwhelmed. The good news is that this guide to getting the best deal on your mobile could help you do just that.