Victory for families ‘going green’!

solar panels

solar panelsGreen families are celebrating today after the Government lost its bid to overturn a High Court ruling that its plans to cut subsidies for solar panels on homes were 'unlawful'.

Scores of households up and down the country have had solar panels fitted onto their roofs in a bid to be environmentally-friendly and, of course, save vast quantities of valuable cash in the long-term on energy bills.

In return for generating green electricity this way, households receive payments, called feed-in tariff subsidies (FITs) from the Government.

But in an attempt to save money, the Government wanted to slash the subsidies on any installations completed after 12 December last year.

Public consultation, where people are asked for their views, did not go as it should - the deadline fell 11 days before the end of the consultation period on the proposals. Because of this, High Court judge Mr Justice Mitting said it would be unlawful to go ahead with the cuts in April this year.

Energy Secretary Chris Huhne tried to fight the ruling, claiming the Government had the power to go ahead with the cuts. But today, Lord Justice Lloyd, Lord Justice Moses and Lord Justice Richards disagreed.

The decision is being celebrated as a victory for green families everywhere. Maybe you yourself have solar panels, or are thinking of having them fitted? You're now free to make those savings on your bills!

Friends of the Earth executive director Andy Atkins said the appeal ruling was a "landmark judgment".

He said: "Helping more people to plug into clean British energy will help protect cash-strapped households from soaring fuel bills."