What mums really want this Mother’s Day

Mum drinking champagne

Mum drinking champagneWe all like to be treated by our youngsters on Mother's Day and, in turn, show how much we appreciate our own mums.

While many of us will be happy just to get a relaxing day and maybe some flowers this Sunday, new research has shed light on the other things mums really want from their children.

According to Asda, half of mums in London would appreciate a glass of Champagne this Mothering Sunday, while 45% of those in the Midlands hope to get jewellery.

Sadly, it seems these mums might well be disappointed this year, as the study also indicates that most youngsters in London intend to buy their mums clothing or smellies!

And in the Midlands, 37% of children aim to buy flowers for their mother.

Similar discrepancies between what mums want and what they're actually likely to get can be seen in the North. Here, 29% of mums either want a book or CD, but 52% of present buyers intend to purchase flowers!

Scots and Londoners appear to be the most willing to splash out on their mums this year - but so much time and money could be saved if mums gave their little (and not so little) ones a nudge in the right direction.

Asda said that one in four shoppers north of the border have set themselves a present-buying budget of £100, and one in three shoppers in London are planning on spending the same amount.

If you're stuck for ideas on what to get your mum (or partner!), check out this guide on 10 cheap but cheerful gifts for Mother's Day.