Why women don’t like to talk about money

Women and finances

Women and financesIt's common knowledge that women like to have a good chat and can spend many a happy hour on the phone with friends and family.

However, a new survey has found that surprisingly when it comes to discussing money, we are more likely to keep shtum than men.

A poll for the Money Advice Service revealed that talking about financial matters makes around two in five of us feel uncomfortable, compared with a third of men.

Researchers said the results are mainly down to confidence, as nearly one in three women said they feel insecure when talking about money, compared to only one in four men. A third of those women polled also said they feel stressed about money issues, while only one in five men said so. And two-thirds of us worry about our finances, compared with just over one in two men.

Behavioural psychologist Professor Karen Pine said: "Traditionally, money matters have been viewed as male territory and this may be one of the reasons why men still feel more confident discussing it and seeking help when needed.

"However, money is a topic we should all feel comfortable broaching, whether you're a traditional type or not."

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