Women go present crazy over Christmas!

lots of shopping bags

lots of shopping bagsMost of us try to plan ahead and buy our Christmas presents for friends and family months in advance, but it seems we can't resist adding little "top-up" gifts just before we give them away.

A new study by NS&I has found that one in three women will be buying extra presents in addition to the ones they already have this year, compared to only one in four men. Among women in their thirties and forties, the figure is almost one in two.

Of course, we buy these little extras for all the right reasons - but it means that almost half of women end up spending more on Christmas than they had planned. Interestingly, only around two in five men go over their budget.

NS&I Savings Spokesperson, John Prout, said: "Everyone loves to please their nearest and dearest and it can be tempting to splash out on extra treats and gifts to do so, particularly in the final few days before Christmas.

"However, our research shows that few people look at the value of gifts they are given. The last thing anyone wants during this season of goodwill is to have financial worries at the back of their mind, so we're encouraging people to stick to an affordable budget, enjoy the festivities with people they are close to, and concentrate on what really matters at this time of the year.

"NS&I is encouraging everyone to think ahead and to adopt an affordable spending strategy of their own."

Here is a guide detailing some more ways to save some money this Christmas.