Women ‘hardest hit by budget cuts’

budget cuts

budget cutsAll of us are feeling the effects of the Government's austerity measures but, according to Labour leader Ed Miliband, it's women who are being hit twice as hard by changes to taxes, benefits and pay.

He claimed that Chancellor George Osborne's Autumn Statement represented "the biggest attack on women in a generation" and took the opportunity to accuse the coalition of being "out of touch with the reality facing people".

Figures obtained by the House of Commons Library reveal that women will foot the bill for 73% (£1.73 billion) of the £2.37 billion raised from tax credit cuts and public sector pay caps, while men will pay for the remaining 27% (£638 million).

Addressing females during a meeting in east London, Mr Miliband said: "The Autumn Statement on Tuesday had lots of talk of growth and forecasts.

"But what is that really about? It's about the quiet crisis facing people behind front doors and around the kitchen table in millions of homes.

"It's about jobs. It's about living standards being squeezed for the 99%. Wages frozen, when energy bills are soaring.

"It's about the fate of next generation."

If you are worried about how the changes might affect you and your family, check out this easy-to-read guide for more information on child tax credits and other benefits.