Women workers ‘more stressed than men’

woman stressed at work

woman stressed at workWhile the pressures of work may seem far away at this time of year, when we can put our feet up and enjoy some festive relaxation, it seems women are still more likely to suffer from stress than their male counterparts.

Legal & General analysis of Department for Work and Pensions statistics suggests that it is almost three times more likely that women will be forced to take time off work because of stress than men.

Figures released by the firm show that female workers took 31,000 sick days in the final quarter of last year because of stress, depression or anxiety.

In comparison, just 11,000 men stayed off as a result of the same problems.

Legal & General Group Protection managing director Diane Buckley said employers need to address the problems posed by stress.

She stated: "Stress is one of the leading causes of long-term absence so employers should ensure that good quality support is available in the workplace to help women before they reach this point."

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